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Referral Policy

  • Tuition credit of $50.00 for each referral (refunded after enrolling in future class)

  • Referral must result in new registration and enrollment in a class for at least three months

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals

  • Referral should be for a family who are new to Aerodance

Refund Policy

  • Cancellation with prorated refund is allowed in the middle of payment cycle only for medical emergencies with a doctors certificate

  • We do not prorate classes

Class Cancellation

  • Aerodance reserves the right to cancel a class and provide make up class

Prorate & Discount

  • We do not prorate classes

  • No Sibling discount provided

Missed Class

  • Classes missed by student will not be made up, except for those cancelled by Aerodance

Class Attire

  • Attire - Aerodance t-shirt and black leggings (girls) or black/blue stretch pants (boys)

Medical Condition

  • Teacher must be informed of current medical conditions of a student, if any

Class Levels & Promotions

  • Class levels & promotion are at the discretion of Aerodance

Video Recordings

  • Video recording is allowed in the last 5 minutes of a class for revision purpose only. Mass distribution is prohibited


  • Right of admission into a class is reserved by Aerodance

  • Costume for performances are additional cost (rental or purchase)

  • Avoid valuables in class. We are not responsible for any valuables lost or stolen in class

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